More humorous observations:


We took a long walk Sunday through the park - it looks like laundry day at a Tibetan monastery.


PDQ Bach should write the Schmatta Cantata based on the Gates.


The New Yorker magazine wades in:


Click here for Peter Schjeldahl's article in this week's "Talk of the Town, "Gated"


Some excerpts from the article:mal style='margin-left:.5in'>Some more negative comments:


It felt claustrophic.  I want to be able to feel expansive in the park, and this did the opposite.


There was far too much of it; it felt gluttonous.


My favorite association to the project:


The color reminded me of a television commercial from my childhood for some brand of tooth paste:  there were orange guardians which were that color protecting pearly white teeth, arrayed to defeat the armies of tooth decay


"So, where's the art?" --a story related by one respondent:


A very intense young jogger, early 20s, headphones on, stopped to ask me a few questions in a clipped tone. "Excuse me - hi. I was just wondering if there was anything going on with The Gates - any music, dancing, performances, something like that." I told her that I didn't  know of anything. "Oh. So, where's the art?" I pointed to a few Gates and said, "You're lookin' at it."  "Oh..." She said, before turning her IPod back on and jogging away.

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One of many comments linking the color to the orange of construction sites:

There are places where it looks nice (vistas, where it accentuates the shape of the landscape; certain walkways where the