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Bamba Bistro (formerly Rio Bamba)   282 Alexander Street, Rochester, NY 04607  585.244.8680


Rio Bamba was clearly the best restaurant in Rochester when we ate there three years ago.  We had a FABULOUS dinner there...I would not have believed how good it was. The chef/owner (whom I just HAD to meet after such an unexpectedly wonderful meal) was Jay Cohen (REALLY!), who had been a sous chef under David Bouley in the grand old days at the original Bouley.  In the intervening years, it has been transformed into (and this is a quote from an online description, if it can be trusted with its grammar being what it is…)


a casual re-incarnation of its previously formal atmosphere, when it was called the "Rio Bamba." The chef and ownership is the same, however, the price-point and menu theme is [sic] different. Dinner entree prices are now in the low $20's. Starting Fall 2005, they started offering lunch Mon-Fri. They take seasonal ingredients into account in their ever-changing menu that includes a raw bar.


So I do not know how good it is these days.  But it had no competition in Rochester back a few years ago…





The Crossing   7823 Forsyth Blvd. (Central Ave.) , Clayton, MO 63105,  314-721-7375


This really good restaurant, in the commercial suburb Clayton, gets its name from the “crossing of French and Italian cuisines. Chef-owner Jim Fiala does the French, his wife Cary MacDowell does the Italian.  (Both are protégées of Daniel Boulud.). I’m told that Danny Meyer’s mother likes this restaurant a lot.


Gian Tony's   5356 Daggett Ave. (Macklind Ave.) , St. Louis, MO 63110,  314-772-4893

This down-and-dirty Siciallian neighborhood joint on the Hill (the famous Italian Neighborhood in St. Louis) is where Gian Tony Cattaraniccia, a real Sicilian, does some terrific home-style cooking.


Steak 'n' Shake   (click on the name for a list of locations)


This much beloved burger and shake chain has a long history (from their website):


Steak n Shake was founded in 1934 in Normal, Illinois. Gus Belt, the founder, …realized he needed to be unique and different…

The Steak stood for STEAKBURGER™ sandwich. Gus would wait for the busiest time in his counter-only restaurant, wheel in a barrel of steaks (including round steak, sirloin steak, and T-bones) and grind the steaks into burgers right in front of the guests. Hence, the origin of the famous slogan "In Sight It Must Be Right."

The Shake in Steak n Shake refers to a creamy, real-milk, hand-dipped Milk Shake that has endured as the best Milk Shake on the planet. Gus Belt used to put the Multi-Mixers Shake machines in the windows of his restaurant so cars driving by had to stop for a Milk Shake.




Parallel 33    741 W. Washington St. (bet. Eagle & Falcon Sts.), San Diego, CA 92103, 619.260.0033


An informal Mission Hill restaurant where chef Amiko Gubbins serves an inventive and delicious cuisine based on the cooking of areas that share the same Latitude as that of San Diego (from the restaurant’s website):

While studying the origins of civilization, specifically how food contributed to mankind's blossoming, we wondered what unique qualities provided the Tigris-Euphrates valley the honor as the birthplace of agriculture. Our discovery was that this noble valley shared its geographic orientation with San Diego! Naturally, we followed the 33rd parallel around the globe to see what other interesting places might share our good fortune.  Morocco, Lebanon, India, China, Japan and others- a swath around the planet teeming with rich culinary and architectural traditions. The excitement of trying to combine the wealth of color, texture, flavor and shadow from these faraway yet connected lands proved irresistible.

Hash House A Go Go   3628 5th Ave., San Diego, CA, 92103 619-298-4646


This is definitely the best place to eat breakfast in San Diego—and perhaps in the world!  A most unusual, hearty menu (q.v., menu) will delight and fill you.  Just don’t forget:  this place is not a secret, so call ahead for reservations!





(We actually did not have the chance to eat at these places; but they come extremely highly recommended)


The Havest Vine    2701 E. Madison St. (27th Ave.),  Seattle, WA 98112, 206-320-9771


Fabulous tapas and Basques cuisine (hard to get in to)


Café Juanita   9702 NE 120th Place, Kirkland, WA 98034,   425.823.1505 


Northern Italian


Matt’s in the Market  94 Pike St. (1st Ave.—in Pike’s Place Market), Seattle, WA, 206-467-7909


A great place for lunch:  American (Northwestern) cuisine; very fresh produce.  But it is very crowded—call ahead for a reservation.



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